Registration is not open yet.
Eel Lake, OR     Saturday, August 17, 2024
Hosted by Central Oregon Masters Aquatics
Information below is from the 2023 event. The 2024 registration will not open until May or June, but the date has been reserved.

LOCATION:  Eel Lake is a freshwater lake on the Oregon coast at William M. Tugman State Park, on U.S. 101 between Reedsport and Coos Bay.  Expected water temperature is 67-71 degrees F., and will be posted on race day.

SWIMS (in order):  
• 3000-meter Swim counterclockwise twice around our polygonal course (remember your geometry?).
• 500-meter Predicted-time Rubber Ducky Swim out-and-back along a floating lane line.
• 1500-meter Swim clockwise once around our polygonal course.  

SWIM SCHEDULE (subject to change due to conditions):
8:00-8:40am Registration/Check-in OPENS for all swims
8:45am Registration/Check-in CLOSES for 3000-meter swim
8:45am Mandatory pre-swim instructions for 3000-meter swim
9:00am Start of 3000-meter Swim
10:40am Registration/Check-in CLOSES for 500-meter Predicted-time Swim
10:45am Mandatory pre-swim instructions for 500-meter Predicted-time Swim
11:00am Start of 500-meter Predicted-time Rubber Ducky Swim
11:40am Registration/Check-in CLOSES for 1500-meter swim
11:45am Mandatory pre-swim instructions for 1500-meter swim
12:00 noon Start of 1500-meter swim
1:00pm Awards

WILD SWIMS:  Oregon swimmers have often used Eel Lake for “wild swims” (borrowing the term from our British cousins) and potluck dinners.  Come a day or two early and/or stay a day or two late and create your swim adventure(s), with your usual swim mates our with others among your Oregon swim pals.  Eel lake is a great swimming lake with lots of options, and is a lovely place for you and your swim buddies to have a fun weekend.