Registration opens April 12, 2024 and closes August 13, 2024.
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Eel Lake, OR     Saturday, August 17, 2024
Hosted by Central Oregon Masters Aquatics

LOCATION:  Eel Lake is a freshwater lake on the Oregon coast at William M. Tugman State Park, on U.S. 101 between Reedsport and Coos Bay.  Expected water temperature is 67-71 degrees F., and will be posted on race day.

SWIMS (in order):  
• 3000-meter Swim counterclockwise twice around our polygonal course (remember your geometry?).
• 500-meter Predicted-time Rubber Ducky Swim out-and-back along a floating lane line.
• 1500-meter Swim clockwise once around our polygonal course.  

SWIM SCHEDULE (subject to change due to conditions):
8:00-8:40am Registration/Check-in OPENS for all swims
8:45am Registration/Check-in CLOSES for 3000-meter swim
8:45am Mandatory pre-swim instructions for 3000-meter swim
9:00am Start of 3000-meter Swim
10:40am Registration/Check-in CLOSES for 500-meter Predicted-time Swim
10:45am Mandatory pre-swim instructions for 500-meter Predicted-time Swim
11:00am Start of 500-meter Predicted-time Rubber Ducky Swim
11:40am Registration/Check-in CLOSES for 1500-meter swim
11:45am Mandatory pre-swim instructions for 1500-meter swim
12:00 noon Start of 1500-meter swim
1:00pm Awards

WILD SWIMS:  Oregon swimmers have often used Eel Lake for “wild swims” (borrowing the term from our British cousins) and potluck dinners.  Come a day or two early and/or stay a day or two late and create your swim adventure(s), with your usual swim mates our with others among your Oregon swim pals.  Eel lake is a great swimming lake with lots of options, and is a lovely place for you and your swim buddies to have a fun weekend.