Need some new swimming gear? Why not purchase your gear through our team store where a portion of the proceeds goes back to our team?  We have set up an on-line store through where you can purchase most anything swimming related at very good prices and now COMA gets a quarterly sales commission check based on what you purchased.  All you have to do is click on the link below:


If you want a hot pink COMA cap - contact your membership chair. You get one latex cap per year free as a COMA member benefit. We also have silicone caps for $10.

You can find popular items described below in the store

COMA Logo items:  Wear your team logo proudly! We have deck coats, sweat tops and bottoms, t-shirts, bags, towels hats and suits all with our team logo imprinted!  IF you think of something else that we should have, just let us know!

Equipment bags - get a mesh bag to hold all your toys - easy to keep track of your stuff and lug it all between practice sites when needed.  If you swim primarily at Juniper Swim and Fitness Center in Bend, we have a gear storage cage/box out on the pool deck and you are welcome to leave your gear bag in there.  We do recommend you get a mesh bag - so that your gear dries out between uses (otherwise mold/mildew can develop). Also, be sure to mark your bag (and each of your equipment items) with your name - as just like at airports - bags look alike and someone might take your gear by mistake!

Fins - most pools don't have fins and JSFC doesn't stock as many as it used to.  In addition, if you have your own, they won't get anymore stretched out than the size of your own feet.  They will last longer and fit better!

Goggles - you need both an indoor and outdoor pool pair for practices and some folks have more specialized goggles for meets and open water swims.  Once you find a pair that works.... buy 5 as it seems the manufacturers change offerings frequently so your favorite might not be available next year at this time!

Suits - Let's divide these up into categories:

Practice suits - these are normally made of polyester fabric that will last a good long time. For a few folks, the polyester can rub and cause chafing.  You can use body glide on affected areas or switch to a lycra suit for your longer swims.

Competition suits - these are normally made with Lycra, hold you in a bit (to help with streamling) but won't usually last more than one season.

Technical suits - these suits as classified by FINA (swimming's governing body) and USMS as legal in pool and open water national events. In open water swimming these are referred to in USMS rules as "Category I" suits.

Favorite suits for the ladies include the "Dolphin Uglies".  They are those bright print polyester practice suits with the black and white striped straps.  They're inexpensive, fit most bodies well, last pretty long and let you express your colorful personality to boot!  Many guys like to get "drag" suits.  These training suits purposely catch a little more water in them as you swim so you have to work a little harder in practice. When you go back to your regular suit you feel 10 lbs lighter!  Then you'll see the term "Grab Bag" suits - these are inexpensive suits where you specify your size and they send you a suit (it may be any manufacturer or color) - feeling lucky? Try one of these and save some bucks!

Pull Buoys and Paddles - While most of our practice sites have ample paddles and pull buoys, some folks like to bring their own - or favor a different type.